Our Order was founded in 1926 and was restructured in 1996 under the name "Delphi International Freemasonic Order."
The first Mixed Lodge was founded in 1926 under the aegis of The International Mixed Freemasonic Order "Le Droit Humain," which resides in Paris. In 1996, the General Assembly of the Order unanimously voted for its re-establishment under the separate name of "DELPHI."
The founding Supreme Council
Today, it exists and functions by law as an independent and self-governing entity according to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and it follows the Great Freemasonic Constitution of 1786.
The Order's objective is an unhindered, adequate, and creative intellectual activity, at the national and international level, through the action of its members so that the Freemasonic Ideals spread in the World.

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