The history of Mixed Freemasonry coincides with the history of our Order. It is known that all liberal Orders were created to respond to society's new conditions and needs.

This is what happened with the "DELPHI" International Freemasonic Order. The first mixed Lodge is the "Athena" Mixed Lodge nº 815. According to its Founding Charter, which is in our Records, the Lodge was founded in 1926 and was under the aegis of the International Mixed Freemasonic Order "Le Droit Humain." This Lodge, together with other Lodges, constitutes the "DELPHI" International Freemasonic order.

It is worthwhile to underline here some historical facts so that all of you who represent the liberal Orders will become aware of them. After ten years of Freemasonic Work in Greece, the first mixed Lodges, due to a decision of the dictatorial regime of that era, suspended- in 1936- their functions.

In 1947, after the end of the Second World War, Lodge "Athena" commenced its Functions again. Membership was limited to only a few. In 1965, other autonomous Freemasonic Orders were united with the lodge "Athena," forming the 1st Hellenic Confederation of "Le Droit Humain." After two years, the Grand Council of "Le Droit Humain" dispensed with the Confederation and appointed a Delegate to administrate all the initiatory and administrative matters.

In 1984, the 2d Hellenic Confederation was founded, which was abolished twelve years later by the Grand Council of "Le Droit Humain" for superficial reasons.

For this reason, in 1996, the General Assembly, decided for the independence of the Confederation of Lodges and the founding of the "DELPHI" International Freemasonic Order. The Order was named International to better administrate the initiatory and administrative matters, not only of all the Greek Lodges but also those Lodges founded in countries outside Greece.

This day, our Order has fully functioning Lodges in the East of Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Heraklion, and Halkida, and abroad, in Bulgaria (Sofia and Varna), Rumania (Bucharest), and in the U.S.A. (Salt Lake City and Arizona)
The number of Lodges is:

20 Blue Lodges in Greece,
2 Blue Lodges in Bulgaria,
1 Blue Lodge in Rumania and
2 Blue Lodges, 1 of Higher Degrees in USA
In our Order there are also 15 Lodges of Higher Degrees.

That is:
7 Lodges of Perfection,
4 RC+ Lodges,
2 CK Lodges,
1 Tribunal and
1 Consistory.

Our Order, in all its Degrees follows the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
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