The Development

Although Freemasonry constitutes the depository of ideals unaffected by time or current popularity, it is always progressive. It faces the challenge of essential changes that are taking place in contemporary reality. As a consequence of the advances in Science and Technology, a great variety of differences have occurred which alter the practices used in the social and economic environment.
Today all things seem to be in a transient stage or at an evolutionary turning point, and changes are occurring with such speed that imbalances are created, which appear in the form of crisis in society, the economy, the environment, and human relations with severe and harmful results. These results include war, poverty, and a rise in criminality, leading people who cannot cope with the significant changes to despair and bring about mistrust among nations and international terrorism.

However, in difficult times, conditions that lead to understanding and acceptance progressively mature between social partners -so that the common good is pursued between states, taking the form of the collaboration of populations for the maintenance of stability and peace.

At the same time, the revolution of information technology helps different people from different countries communicate more easily with each other, which empowers the creation of a better understanding.
Even the international Mass Media, despite their unfavorable influences, helped in the acceptance and consolidation of national traditions. At the same time, they also led to the creation of completed international institutions and models that possibly prepared the Dawn of a New Civilization and Culture.
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