The first reason for entering Masonry, and the International Masonic Order DELPHI  more specifically, is to promote the world’s progress. It is a means for service to humanity. The energies generated by a meeting of a Mixed Masonic lodge, when released at the end of the meeting, add a pure and powerful spiritual force to the inner planes for the benefit of any who are in need of it.

A second important reason for entering Freemasonry is that it offers a method for the mastery of one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual nature. It puts the Freemason in touch with himself or herself.

“The development of moral character is an individual undertaking, the most important in this existence. Each individual must take the same path, overcome the same obstacles, and learn the same lessons that each and every other man has been obliged to do in his quest for Light and Truth.”

The Masonic system of self‑discovery deals with the application of order, knowledge, strength, and symmetry to those aspects of one’s nature that are in a state of disharmony or confusion. It is a systematic, scientific approach to wholeness, indicated by the Masonic axiom "Ordo ab Chao"—order out of chaos.

Thus Freemasonry is service: spiritual service to humanity and spiritual service to oneself so that one may better serve others.