1. From May 26, 2001 "DELPHI International Freemasonic Order" is a full member of the International Freemasonic Union "CLIPSAS". The Union of "CLIPSAS" includes the Orders that signed the Strasbourg Appeal on January 22, 1961.
  2. Following an initiative of the "Grand Lodge of Italy", "DELPHI International Freemasonic Order" was a founding member of the "Uniting Bond of the Freemasonic Orders of the Mediterranean" ("Catena di Unione Massonica Iniziatica Mediterranea"), which was later named "Freemasonic Union of the Mediterranean" ("Unione Massonica del Mediterraneo ").
  3. Apart from its relations with the liberal Orders belonging to the Union of "CLIPSAS", it is connected by bilateral treaties and cultivates special relations with: