Annual message of the Sovereign Grand Commander
Grand Master of the International Order


January 2014

Annual Address for 2014

The natural laws and the general secular conditions have generated an established time frame of human activities as well as of the general course in the journey of life.
Under these circumstances, one more year has come to an end. The end of 2013.
Yet, our daily life, in the totality of problems of life that we face, revealed the illusions and the fallacy of a pretended bliss and individual utilitarianism, on several occasions and in a tragic way.
The living conditions, under the weight of economic adjustments and requirements create problems of survival to the citizens of our country, Greece, and similarly to those of other European countries.
The right to life is only limited to the extreme of its being barely protected. Now, the time creates fear and frustration for the future.
The International Masonic Order “DELPHI”, being a creative power, observes and studies the new conditions with attention and reflection as they arise.
Playing an active role in the social efforts to reduce hardships, it intervenes in the spiritual and interactive plane of our fellowmen in a creative way.
We are entering the new year. May our steps be steady and the fear that pervades our soul be eliminated.
Let optimism replace our doubts about all things that may happen to us. Let our faith, not only in humans but mainly in our fellow humans, as social beings, be the occasion of a new discovery, a more substantial one, of pan-human values.
Let us turn the pain of wisdom into an actual attainment of the Truth.
Let us use our spiritual and psychic powers as tools, just as stone workers do, and let us try in this way to construct a new man, the ecumenical man.
Our heartfelt wishes for Peace and Love to all Brothers and Sisters of the International Masonic Order “DELPHI” and to all autonomous Masonic Organizations under the aegis of our Order.
May 2014 bring health and spiritual uplift to all Brothers and Sisters Masons all over the world.